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This Boba Straw Will Help Save the Boba Drinking Experience

While many restaurants are looking for eco-friendly packaging and utensils, such as paper straws, or even straw-less lids, there is one very important niche that still heavily relies on plastic straws... boba.

Boba is a beverage that is consumed over time, and is is often served with toppings such as tapioca, red bean, and various jellies. The boba industry is doing no good with switching to paper straws. Why? Because they ruin the experience!

How you may ask? Let me run you through some cons of the paper straw.

  1. They get soggy fast, and I mean fast, just a few minutes in your beverage and you’ll be drinking paper!
  2. Paper doesn’t taste so good. These straws will confuse your taste buds and distract you from enjoying your drink.
  3. They’re hard to poke through the seal— especially if the seal is plastic.
Although paper straws have good intentions, in the end, they’re still single-use

I think I know what your next question is: “So…what now? What’s the alternative then?”

The answer is simple let me introduce… STRAWMATES: the portable, metal boba straw.

Strawmates allows you to drink boba the only way you remember it— with a fat straw, minus the single-use plastic waste. This metal straw doesn’t take away from the boba experience, it only enhances it.

This one of a kind straw is made up of two stainless steel pieces (attaching together to create a long length), and a silicone tip that allows you to consume hot and cold drinks comfortably

You can easily take Strawmates on the go with its portable case. Simply attach the strap to your bag and be on your way!

Strawmates is launching with two colours, Blue and Grey. Each Strawmate includes: case, tray, 2 piece metal straw with silicone tip, a cleaning brush and microfibre for on-the-go-cleaning. 

PREORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE: Pre order price of Strawmates is 18.99 CAD, and will enforce retail price in January 2021. Check out SHOP for more details.