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About Our Straws

The straw is made of stainless steel and the mouthpiece is made of silicone. The case and cleaner are polypropylene and the cloth is microfibre. All materials are food grade and recyclable. 

The straw body is made with stainless steel, and should not rust! Please make sure to clean it properly.

Strawmates packaging is eco-conscious, and uses low waste materials. 

Most of our packaging is recyclable except for our kraft tape. We use recyclable kraft paper, and kraft mailer boxes. 

Yes! The strawmate was designed with an angled end which allows you to poke through most bubble tea sealed cups. Also, the diameter of the straw is specifically measured to fit most bubble tea lids.

With proper cleaning and care your straw it can potentially last anywhere from 5-10 years!

Yes, you can buy replacement straws, silicone tips and cleaners. See SHOP page for all the options.

Straw Care

Yes, strawmates is dishwasher safe!

We recommend you wash your strawmate after each use or when you get home!

Yes! We sell replacement cleaning kits. See SHOP

Shopping, Shipping and Return Inquiries

Yes, our website is secure! Our website platform is powered by Shopify who covers all PCI standard categories making all transactions safe and protected.

We accept payment methods through Paypal, Google Pay, and any major Credit or Debit Card companies

Strawmates has a limited lifetime guarantee for any manufacturing product defects. Please email info@strawmates.com for any questions or concerns. Due to COVID-19 we are not accepting any immediate refunds or returns.

Due to same day shipping, there is no guarantee that our fulfilment team will be able to make any changes. Please send a request to cancel your order to info@strawmates.com with your order number and we’ll try to intercept it before it leaves for your house.

Yes! If you sign up to our email waitlist, you will get exclusive newsletters on what’s coming! You can also follow us on instagram @strawmates and @bubblesocial to see the latest updates.

CANADA - Strawmates offers free Canada wide shipping on orders over $50 CAD (before tax) or more.

U.S - Strawmates offers free shipping to the U.S on orders over $100 USD (before tax) or more. 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT Strawmates offers $10.99 international shipping on orders $100 USD (before tax) or more.

All orders are subject to customs and duty fees as defined by the country of import. Strawmates is not responsible for any fees associated with import. Customs and duty fees are not included in the order total and/or shipping total. All fees are the responsibility of the parcel recipient and must be paid by the parcel recipient.

Unfortunately we do not ship to P.O boxes at this time.

Fulfilment team aims to get next day shipping. Typically orders will be mailed to the destination in 7-21 business days. Due to COVID-19 shipments may be delayed. 

Business Inquiries

Please contact info@strawmates.com for any inquiries.

Yes! If you are interested in collaborating with us, please email us at info@strawmates.com with the subject “Collaborate” and let us know why you want to work with us :) 

We only sell the strawmate through our online store, www.strawmates.com! Any other website claiming to sell strawmates is illegitimate, and Strawmates has no control over faulty products.

Strawmates is has an international (China) design patent for the two-piece straw and silicone tip. Case is patent pending.

We are currently patent pending in U.S