Strawmates - Blue

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Enjoy boba sustainably with Strawmates!


You know what sucks? Single-use straws, especially in bubble tea! Plastic straws litter our oceans and paper straws DON'T LAST. You know what lasts? Strawmates! This one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly, portable boba straw is suitable for any drink including boba, smoothies and milkshakes!


Each Strawmates includes:


1. Easy poking - Stainless steel straw with silicone tip with an angled bottom.

2. Easy cleaning - Straw cleaning brush, and micro fibre.

3. Look cute - Sturdy and stylish case, with a silicone strap you can attach to your bag.


*Please wash all parts with soap and water before use.

BONUS - 1 Free DIY bubble tea kit sampler with tapioca (While supplies last)

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