Our Story

Hi friends! We're My and Meli, the founders of Strawmates!

As former bubble tea baristas, we have seen countless amounts of single-use plastic straws being used on a daily basis. We are strong believers that the bubble tea and smoothie experience can be enjoyed without harming the environment. That being said, many can agree that other ‘eco-friendly straws’, such as paper straws, just don’t cut it!

Like many, we hate the feeling of paper straws in our drinks! Plus, they don’t last and get soggy quite fast! That’s when we decided to start implementing reusables into our daily lives.

We believe that the bubble tea experience is more than just the drink itself! It’s a combination of taste, and company aka friends, family and loved ones all coming together to have a good time. And although this drink has been around for a short amount of time in North America, it’s booming more than ever before! We describe it as the up and rising social drink.

Our vision for Strawmates is to be a community that encourages small steps towards living sustainably. Strawmates is all about friends inspiring friends, and contributing to the wellness of our planet, whether it be a small leap or a big leap.

We appreciate all of your support in our mission to making our home a cleaner place to live and enjoy our bubble tea!


My and Meli, 

Founders of Strawmates Inc.