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We are Strawmates

Strawmates is a constructible, portable metal straw perfect for boba and smoothie lovers who want to make more sustainable choices, and dislike single-use paper straws that don't last! Lets all do our part to make the bubble tea drinking experience more sustainable, one-straw at a time! #strawmateswap

The Strawmates brand is inspired and encapsulates the whole bubble tea experience through building a strong bubble tea loving community! Drinking bubble tea gives you a sense of happiness whether you are drinking alone, connecting with new people, or catching up with old friends. By purchasing strawmates products, you become part of the brand and bubble tea social movement!

We are strong believers in a purchase being an experience rather than a transaction.

Why the Strawmate is your go-to reusable straw

Say bye to single-use straws!

Paper straws don't last and plastic straws suck. With strawmates, you can drink sustainably while enjoying all your favourite drinks, including bubble tea.

Never forget your straw!

Simply attach the strawmate to your bag and be on your way! Strawmates has your "back" pack ;)

Iconic fat straw

Drink bubble tea the way you remember--with the iconic fat straw! It's width is perfect for bubble tea toppings and you can poke through your drinks with the angled tip!

Portable and easy to clean

Strawmates constructible design makes it easier to clean and store.

Join our bubble tea loving community