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Introducing the GREY STRAWMATE 

This one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly, portable boba straw is suitable for any drink including boba and smoothies! The silicone tip helps you to enjoy your hot and cold drinks comfortably all year round.

With its large diameter, tapioca won't get jammed, and you don't have to waste energy sucking up thicker drinks!

Always forget your reusable straw? The Strawmate is a breeze to carry around! Simply attach the case onto your bag so you’ll never forget it. Now you can enjoy your drinks while helping to reduce single-use plastics!

  • Why the Strawmate is Perfect for you :

    Say bye to single-use straws!

    When you enjoy your beverage with the Strawmate, you're helping to reduce single-use plastic waste that litters our planet!

    Never forget your straw!
    Simply attach the Strawmate to your bag and be on your way!

    Iconic fat straw

    What is boba without the iconic fat straw? Strawmates is perfect for boba and smoothies.

    Other straws are hard to clean

    The Strawmates constructible design makes it easy and efficient to clean and store.

  • Case
    Length: 14 cm
    Width: 5.5 cm
    Height: 2.5 cm

    Silicone Strap
    Full Length: 15.25 cm
    Folded Length: 5.5 cm

    Straw Material
    Food Grade Stainless Steel

    Light Blue
    Light Grey

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