Join the movement.

Purchasing your strawmate is only the first step. The next step is to use it.

In an effort to build sustainable habits together, we invite you to join the #strawmateswap movement.

What is the #strawmateswap?

Strawmateswap is a 14 day challenge where you swap single use straws for a strawmate. 

This ongoing movement is a way to challenge yourself, together with a community committing to a cause, to build small sustainable habits that will eventually lead to bigger ones. Whether you fulfill the strawmateswap 2 times out of the 14 day challenge, or all 14 days, strawmates will celebrate these small milestones with you. 

How to take part in the #strawmateswap movement:

1. Share your story or post. Show us pictures, or videos of you using your strawmates in any beverage! (It doesn't have to be bubble tea)

2. Tag us! @strawmates and #strawmateswap

3. This is a 14 day challenge. You have 14 chances to enter. 1 story = 1 entry. Maximum of 1 entry per day for a total of up to 14 entries.

Be a part of a community of hundreds of strawmates users who believe in an eco-friendly bubble tea experience. Did we also mention that there will be fun prizes to be won after every challenge? Well, now you know! 

This will be an ongoing movement that will reset every 14 days. You can join the movement as many times as you like.

Are you in for the movement? Ready, set, swap! #strawmateswap